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We have heard that anyone who attended the Ayton Normanby Homecoming thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful weekend!  Thanks for coming home and sharing in the success of this very memorable event!




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Getting down and dirty was very popular as you can see:



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                                                                                                                                                                                                      IMG_3169 IMG_3187






Not to mention home baked pie!!


  1. Jo Ann Switzer (Koenig)

    Marking the date.See you at the party.

  2. rosemary derbecker (doersam)

    Saw old pics on your site. What a hoot!! Cheers to whomever posted them. Ahh memories. LOL Great job!! Hope to make it in `16.

    • Mary Catherine Gough (Clark)

      Hey, Rosemary!! It was fun looking at all the old pics and the memories.. ..”Florences”, Paddy’s Place” and of course the” Hotel “for pop and chips on Sundays(haha!) Would love to see everyone again…Going to work toward this one!!

  3. I lived in Ayton for the first 6 years of my life as Nancy Nuhn…and absolutely have the best memories from there! Took my kids a couple summers ago for my nephew Josh Nuhn’s wedding and to bury my Dad, Walter Nuhn, and my kids LOVED Ayton and would love to have lived there themselves! Lots of great memories and people! Would love to be able to make it for the homecoming…

    • Jo Ann Switzer (Koenig)

      Hi Nancy
      I was your first babysitter. We lived right across the street. How time flies. Are you coming?

  4. June (Grein) Conte

    still have my special auntie Vi living there and get to see her every year. Also some special cousins too. will be marking the date – hope to see some old friends

  5. Looking forward to a great weekend

  6. My ancestors were pioneers at Lot 22 or 23 Con 15 or 16. They were Charles, John, and Robert Hopkins and they built the first school at Hamden. If you are collecting or writing any history I would like to share information.

  7. Have put the date in my calendar. My great-great grandfather Henry Hammer homesteaded Lot 31 Concession 11 NE of Ayton in 1870. His son John married Elizabeth Hahn in 1872 at the Lutheran Church in Neustadt. The families moved to Pincher Creek Alberta 1899. Hope to be able to do some genealogy research while at the reunion.

  8. Unfortunately have had to cancel plans to attend. My ggf Johannes HAMMER married Elizabeth HAHN in Neustadt in 1872 and homesteaded NW of Ayton with his family. His parents were Heinrich HAMMER and Elizabeth AMRELL. His wife’s parents were John Valentine HAHN and Elizabeth SIPPEL. He moved to Alberta in 1899 with his wife’s brother (Adam HAHN) and his wife Elizabeth OESTREICH and the Charles GEBERDT family. If there are any descendants of any of these families in the Ayton area would love to correspond with them. Hope you have a great reunion.

  9. My wife Janice (Ahrens) and I are looking forward to the Homecoming weekend. I still remember my first impressions of Ayton after moving there from the city in the 1975 when my parents Lucas and Johanna Jacobs purchased the hotel. I thought we had moved to end of the civilized free world. Now over 40 years later, I truly can’t wait to get back and enjoy the company of those who made such a great impression on me. Coincidently, my wife’s niece Trisha now owns that very same hotel that was such a very big part in fostering the relationship that my wife and I have shared all these years.

  10. My sister Mary and I attended the homecoming today, and what a super job everyone has done, to make it such a success. Was great to get back and see old friends…Thanks to all who made it happen.
    dot (murray) bourgeois

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