Fun at the Ayton Grill

An attempt has been made to identify everyone in these photos, however some names are missing.  If you can fill in the blanks, see an error, or have anything to share, please make a Reply or email  [email protected]


Mystery Man, Florence Morris, Betty Aylot

Anne Owens, Danny Kochet, Betty Aylot

Anne Owens

Barb Lynch, Brian Tone, Sleeping Beauty

Barry Doersam, Brian Tone, Bob Tone, Paul Culliton, Johnny Russel, Doug Kocher, Ken Aylot, Jerome Kocher

Bob Wettlaufer, Don Mauer, Bob Kocher, Anne Preston

Brian Fisher, Bob Hayley, Florence & John Morris, Mystery Lady

Eunice Fisher-Henning, Sheila Fisfer-Meyer, Noah Weppler, Judy Kyte, Sharon Scott

Eunice Fisher-Henning, Sheila Fisher-Meyer, Noah Weppler, Sharon Scott, Judy Kyte

Janette Doersam, Brenda Becker, Bonnie Becker, Donnie Tyleschuk, Mystery Man, R or J Doersam

Janette Doersam, Marianne Lynch -school prom

Jean Brown-Tone, Colleen Tone-Fleischauer, Nancy Kyte, Terry Widmeyer, Johnny Russel

Jim Henning, Steve Byers, Dennis Fisher, Terry Spooner, Ray Scott

Johnny Russel, cousin of Dennis Fishers, Jim Meyer, Walter Hawkins, John Hawkins

Judy Kyte, Rosemary Doersam, Marianne Lynch, Janette Doersam, Barbara Lynch, Mystery Lady

Larry Moore, Glen Mauer, Brian Fisher, Sheila Fisher (driving) Joanne Doersam, (Eunice) Jean Brown-Tone, Marianne Lynch

Laurie Derbecker, Rosemary Doersam, Gary Tone, Ron (Gedke)

Marianne Lynch, Barbara Lynch, Deanna Wittich, Sandra Kreller-Hayley

Randy Grein, Gary Tone, Doug Scott, Brian Tone

Sandy Kreller, Barb Lynch, Marianne Lynch, John Russell, Denise Tone, Jerome & Jim Kocher, Paul Culliton



Dave Seifert, Mystery Lady, Brian Fisher, Sheila Burrell, Bob Hayley, Dennis Schneider


  1. Great news about the Homecoming. Great pictures especially the ones from Florence’s Ayton Grill. I recognize most of the people in the pictures. They bring back some great memories. I can find some pictures if you would like me to send them. Good luck and keep up the good work. John Hawkins

  2. loved going there for sloppy joes and milk shakes when I was a wee boy
    And grandma would always send me from the hotel to get two one for her and me miss those days

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for checking out the site….we are still in the early stages of building the website and I have many more photos to share. I am very interested in any photos that you are willing to share and will contact you via your email address 🙂 Cheers!

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