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ayton homecoming cmtee


A committee has come together and is working to establish the agenda and events for an exciting Homecoming weekend July 1 to July 3, 2016.

Meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month.

Committee Specs –  Volunteer with one of the committees below

Committee Chair:  Pete Irwin   [email protected]  /  519.665.7837

Committee Co-Chair: Tom Culliton    [email protected]   /   519.665.7844  or  519.373.1773

Finance: Kim Tone, Robert Scriven     [email protected] or 519.665.7743   /   [email protected] or 519.665.7858 or 519.261.0383

Recording Secretary: Peggy Hutchinson     [email protected] or 519.665-7777 or 226.989.9083

Sponsorships/Advertising: Tom Hutchinson   [email protected]  /  519.665.7777

Aaron Culliton   [email protected]  /  519.477.0008

– determines level of Sponsorship, Sponsorship recognition events, signage recognizing sponsors, In-kind sponsorship, prepares sponsorship budget, creates advertising budget, works with local papers to raise awareness of function, liaisons with webpage creator to ensure website is current, social media, selects promotional items from request for proposal process

Parade: Joyce Nuhn, Carol Leibold   [email protected],ca (Joyce)   /   [email protected]  (Carol)

– Create budget, determine parade route, recruit marching bands / parade participants etc., have volunteers to assist in queing parade, take registrations for parade

Entertainment: Julie Irwin, Sheri Domm    call Julie @ 519.665.7837   /   [email protected]  519.313.0221

– Seeks potential bands for a venue, determines agenda/timing for music, types of music, signs contracts and provides all chattels within contract, children’s venues, prepares entertainment budget

Food: Brittany Lantz    [email protected]   /   519.665.7770 or 519.379.7984

– Tenders out suppliers, works with volunteer groups on breakfasts and volunteer groups on serving suppers, determines food budget

Bar/Alcohol: Jeff Tanner, Tom Culliton   [email protected] or 519.570.6750   /   [email protected] or 519.665.7844, 519.373.1773  (Tom)

– Licensing, liaisons with AGCO, meet with brewery, distillery and pop reps, determines quantity requirements, recruits volunteer bar tenders, security, prepares bar budget

Ways and Means: Brandon Weber   [email protected] or 519.665.7770 / 519.369.7023

– sources tables and chairs for venues, sources fencing and additional lighting if required, sources staging and production equipment, liaisons with local police for dances, parade etc., charters busing if necessary, liaisons with parks and rec, County for garbage pick-up, parade road closures and necessary grass cutting, design outdoor venue as per committee wish list, obtain quotes for port-a-potties, building permits for tent area and underground locates, obtain quotes for additional electrical, obtain overnight security, obtain banking machines, obtain St John’s Ambulance for all venues

Website:  Janice Norley  [email protected]  or  519.495.5654

 Committee Members:  Pete Irwin, Tom Culliton, Carol Leibold, Joyce Nuhn, Robert Scriven, Aaron Culliton, Delaney Culliton, Dave Culliton, Brandon Weber, Brittany Lantz, Jeff Tanner, Sheri Domm, Peggy Hutchinson, Tom Hutchinson, Mary Lou Pfeffer, Kim Tone, Julie Irwin, Darrel Scott, Tim Charlton, Joe Hawkins



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January 2015

The February 2015 meeting was open to the public for recruiting volunteers.

March 2015

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June 2015



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  1. dot bourgeois \(MURRAY)

    Congratulations Tom and all …. for a wonderful homecoming….
    Well done!!!!!

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